Our aim is make construction projects of all sizes a stress free experience through high quality trades combined with precise and transparent project management.

Our founder Jed Chamberlain, has complex project management running through his veins. before starting Construct 1 Jed Chamberlain helped to build a subsea engineering company in the Middle East.

We take enormous strength from the knowledge that if he and his team were able to manage and suceed at large construction and enginerring projects underwater then they are perfectly suited to replicating this on land and in a much less trechourous terrain.

After relocating back to the UK, Construct 1 was created by Jed to service an obvious need for a cost-time-resource focussed construction company that is able to service the public and private sector.

From construction and infrastructure to fit-out, property services, social housing, urban regeneration and investments, we deliver complex projects that create a real difference.

We like to think as ourselves as more than your regular construction company. We aim is to continually improve everything we do and how we do it. Utilising the latest technologies to track and plan projects, we believe that we can always be a prepared to react in the eventually of any unforseen obstacles.

We are always on the look out for new recruits that are passionate about their trade or future trade. If you are interested in working for Construct 1, please contact us.

Contact us for more details on how Construct 1 can work with you